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Recent commissions

Bespoke hand made kitchen

This was a hand made kitchen, all units were made from Birch plywood, the doors made from tulipwood and birch ply. All made, assembled and spray painted and lacquered on site.


Reclaimed scaffold shelving and table

Really love the warmth and color of these boards, sanded enough to get down to the bare timber but not too much to loose the character. The table legs are made from old rafters and the drawer is from old floorboards. All finished with Osmo polyX


Large garden / Dining table and benches

This beautiful table and benches have all been made from reclaimed timber. The table top and benches have been made from scaffolding boards, the legs and frame of the table are 80 year old roof trusses, when sanded and oiled the grain pops out and has a deep red colour. This table is 2.7 meters long and will comfortably seat 10.

The decking is also made from scaffold boards.


Furniture hand crafted in my mobile workshop

using traditional and modern jointing and construction techniques.

Our service: an overview


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Finding and purchasing the raw materials at the best possible prices.


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Many of my clients have simply produced a picture from a magazine or off the internet and I work to that, producing my own plans and working out the structural design. Once the plan is complete I can start construction and crafting.


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I prefer to make things on site as I can refer to the space the item will be taking and also closer communication with the client.